• Yuba County Deputy District Attorney

  • Recognized for Work With Victims of Crime

  • Nearly Two Decades of Seeking Justice for Yuba County Residents

  • Entire Legal Career Dedicated to Yuba County


Criminal justice runs in my family. My father was a District Attorney Investigator for Sacramento County. While serving a warrant, he was shot multiple times and his partner was killed. I was 13 years old and knew from that moment where my focus would be.


After graduating from Chico State and Cal Northern School of Law, I’ve dedicated my entire legal career, almost two decades, to seeking justice for Yuba County residents. An experienced trial attorney with thousands of hours of court time, I am endorsed by retired Yuba County Superior Court Judges James F. Dawson and Dennis J. Buckley.

As a Deputy District Attorney, I’ve achieved numerous life sentences for

convicted murderers, attempted murderers and sex offenders. I’ve conducted domestic violence training for local law enforcement and sexual assault awareness training for enlisted personnel at Beale Air Force Base.


12 years ago, my husband and I started an annual fundraiser to help local non-profits provide gifts for children in Yuba County. As a child I received Christmas gifts from a similar program and know the impact it has.


Robert and I love spending time with family, especially our granddaughter, Olivia!


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Yuba County Law Enfrocement Management/Superivsory Assoc.

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Yuba County Deputy Sheriff's Association

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Yuba County Deputy District Attorney's Association

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Local Law Enforcement

  • Yuba County Deputy Sheriff's Association

  • Yuba County Law Enforcement Management/Supervisory Association

  • Yuba County Deputy District Attorney's Association

  • Marysville Reserve Peace Officer’s Association

  • Marysville Police Officer's Association

  • CA Fish & Game Warden's Association

  • Henry Abe - Deputy Sheriff

  • Larry Allen - Sierra County District Attorney (ret.)

  • Dave Baker - Reserve Captain / Former Chief of Police

  • Shane Bronson - Deputy Sheriff

  • Nate Byrum – Deputy Sheriff

  • James Cooper - Marysville Police (ret.) / U.S. Air Force (ret.)

  • Heather Crippen – Reserve Police Officer

  • Matt Crippen - Deputy Sheriff (ret.)

  • Clint Curry - Yuba County District Attorney

  • Patrick J. McGrath, Yuba County District Attorney (ret.)

  • Brian Davis – Yuba County Public Defender

  • Steven Durfor - Yuba County Sheriff (ret.)

  • Barbara Escovedo

  • Robert Escovedo - Sheriff's Captain (ret.)

  • Andrew Everhart - Deputy Sheriff (ret.)

  • Allen Garza – Sheriff’s Captain

  • Richard Horak Jr. - Probation Officer

  • Neal Houston – Sheriff’s Sergeant

  • Stephen Jackson - Police Officer

  • Josh Jellsey - Sheriff's Sergeant (Ret)

  • Stephanie Johnson - Investigator

  • Brandt Lowe - MSA member

  • Nelson Magana - Peace Officer

  • Mac McCleary - Deputy Sheriff (ret.)

  • Joshua McFarlane (ret.)

  • Pat McGrath - Yuba County District Attorney (ret.)

  • Carlos Mendoza – Narcotics Agent

  • Gary Miller - Yuba County Sheriff (ret.)

  • Sean Moore - Detective

  • Fred Morawcznski - Chief Probation Officer (ret.)

  • Tommy Oakes – Deputy Sheriff

  • J.D. Parker – Sheriff’s Sergeant

  • Gregory Parks - Peace Officer

  • Shannon Parks - Police Detective

  • Sean Pirtle - Game Warden

  • Jerry Read - Yuba County Undersheriff (ret.)

  • Steve Roper - Chief Probation Officer (ret.)

  • Chris Sachs - Marysville Police Chief

  • John Simpson - Marysville Police Chief (ret.)

  • Kenny Sowles - Police Officer

  • Brandon Spear – Sheriff’s Sergeant

  • Roger Tarwater - Deputy Sheriff

  • Drew Thomas - Deputy Sheriff

  • John Vacek - Yuba County Deputy District Attorney (ret.)

  • Art Williams - Deputy Sheriff, DSA President

Yuba County Superior Court Judges

  • Dennis Buckley (ret.)

  • Jim Dawson (ret.)

Local Legal Community

  • Evelyn Allis - Yuba Superior Court, Deputy Court Executive Officer (ret.)

  • Sarbdeep Atwal - Attorney / Farmer

  • Vicky Behrend - Paralegal

  • Eleanor Bordsen - Attorney

  • Mike Byrne - Attorney

  • Mechele Cook - Attorney

  • Katie Finch - Deputy Public Defender

  • Sarb Gosal - Attorney / Public Defender

  • Sukhdeep Gosal - Attorney

  • Jared Hastey - Attorney

  • Roberto Marquez - Attorney

  • John Nash - Deputy District Attorney (ret.)

  • Carroll Pfeiffer - Attorney

  • Kinsey Reynolds - Attorney

  • Robert Romero - Attorney / Public Defender

  • Mani Sidhu - Attorney

  • Mani Sidhu - Attorney

  • Mike Wise - Attorney

  • David Vasquez - Attorney

  • Jimmy Vasquez - Attorney

Local Leaders

  • All 5 Marysville City Councilmembers

    • Mayor, Ricky Samayoa​

    • Bill Simmons

    • Stephanie McKenzie

    • Bruce Buttacavoli

    • Brad Hudson

  • All 5 Yuba County Board of Supervisors

    • Randy Fletcher​

    • Doug Lofton

    • Mike Leahy

    • Gary Bradford

    • Andy Vasquez

  • Marysville Central Labor Council

  • Roger Abe - Farmer, Former Yuba County Board of Supervisors

  • Tib Belza - Small Business Owner / Former Yuba County Board of Supervisors

  • Dennise Burbank - Olivehurst Public Utility District Board of Directors / Small Business Owner

  • Robert Coe - Wheatland City Council

  • Emily Dawson – Educator, Former Yuba County Board of Education

  • Rich Eberle - Yuba County Auditor Controller

  • John Floe - Assistant Pastor

  • Mary Jane Greigo - Small Business Owner / Former Yuba County Board of Supervisors

  • Brent Hastey - Small Business Owner

  • Charlie Mathews - Farmer / Yuba Water Agency Director

  • John Nicoletti - Former Yuba County Board of Supervisors

  • Cotton Rosser, Rodeo Hall of Fame

  • Don Schrader - Former Yuba County Board of Supervisors

  • Dr. Hal Stocker - Former Yuba County Board of Supervisors

  • Bruce Stottlemeyer - Yuba County Assessor (ret.)

  • Donna Stottlemeyer - Yuba County Clerk of the Board (ret.)

  • Richard Webb - Linda Fire Chief (ret.)


Local Support

  • Kuldip Atwal - Farmer

  • Terri Ayers

  • Raminder Bains

  • Joey Bains

  • Gurprit Bains

  • Brenda Behrend

  • Kristi Behrend Pendergrass

  • Wayne Bishop - Farmer / Small Business Owner

  • Rosalind and Richard Bliss

  • Teena Bogdanoff

  • Frederick Bogdanoff - Small Business Owner

  • Robert Carnegie - Small Business Owner

  • Jeffrey Catlin

  • Wendy Church-Bergstrom

  • Bob Coe – Wheatland City Council / Small Business Owner

  • Tony Farley

  • Kathleen Fletcher - Small Business Owner

  • Ming Gee - Small Business Owner

  • Dan Garbutt

  • Victoria Gorney-Tutak, Browns Valley

  • Sukhwinder Gosal

  • Toni Gugliotti

  • Fatmir Gumeni

  • Joe Hale

  • Robert William Hess Jr. - Senior Director of Loss Prevention Save Mart

  • Ember Houston

  • Sarb Johl

  • Rebecca King

  • Thomas King

  • David Lanza - Small Business Owner

  • Ida Loyd

  • Dal Mattu

  • Wendy McCleary

  • Ryan McNally, Plumas Lake

  • Grace Mull, Marysville

  • Travis Mull, Marysville

  • Michael Mull, Marysville

  • John Nash

  • Marcy O’Rourke, Marysville

  • Cynthia Pena, Linda / Small Business Owner

  • Helen & Loran Perkins

  • Tamara Pesci

  • Kelly Purdom - Yuba County Emergency Services (ret.)

  • Mark Rodgers

  • Gary Rogers

  • Despina Schrader

  • Briana Schuette

  • Lovve Shimansky

  • Sandra Simmons

  • Angie Tarwater

  • Carolyn Tindel, Marsyville

  • Dan Walker

  • Twyla Williams

  • Charles Williams

  • Susan Williams - Retired Victim Witness Advocate

  • Jerry and Sally Sokoloski



"It is a privilege to endorse Melanie Bendorf as a candidate for Superior Court Judge in Yuba
County. I have worked with her in her capacity as a Deputy District Attorney for approximately
15 years throughout my career as a deputy sheriff in Yuba County.

Melanie demonstrates a sense of fairness and toughness when handling cases., which I observed during 
my many appearances in court as a witness. She possesses the professional skills and abilities to 
understand the law and apply it to the facts of a case. These attributes would make Melanie an outstanding judge."


William High

Retired Deputy Sheriff

"I want to go on record as endorsing Melanie Bendorf for the position  of Superior Court Judge
for the County of Yuba.

Having known Ms. Bendorf for 10 years in her capacity as a member  of the Yuba County District 
Attorney's Office, I know her to be very knowledgeable and competent member  of the legal 
profession. She has been a valuable resource in dealing with the many aspects of preparing a case 
for prosecution and guidance through the processes of law enforcement as well as the justice 
system.  Having observed Ms. Bendorf in court as a Yuba County Prosecutor,I know her to be very 
professional, and fair in her situation/case assessment as well approach in dealing with all 
stakeholders within the legal system.

She has current  knowledge in a variety of criminal cases, i.e. sexual assault, homicide, larceny, 
battery,DUI, traffic  situations, child endangerment, and more.

Her vast knowledge  of case law serves her well in understanding the legal system as it applies to 
both victims, witnesses, and suspects.  She is trustworthy, honest, efficient, thorough, and 
exhibits a high level of integrity and energy in her professional life.
Ms. Bendorf is an excellent choice for Superior Court Judge."


Toni Gugliotti, Wheatland

"I first met Melanie Bendorf when she started as a Deputy District  Attorney in the Yuba County
District Attorneys office. At that time,I was employed with the Yuba County Victim/Witness 
Assistance Program as a victim advocate.In the nearly two decades since that introduction she and I 
not only worked many cases together,but she learned about my personalcase. That personal case was 
based on my mother's murder in Yuba County in July of 1988. Although Melanie was not working in 
Yuba County in 1988 and was only peripherally aware of the prior case,she took the time and energy 
to prepare me for the first parole hearing of the inmate in 2010. In addition,severalyears later she attended the 2"d parole hearing ofthis inmate with us and argued zealously and eloquently (and successfully) for the inmate's continued incarceration.  Her broad knowledge of the case and the judicial system was of immense importance to myself and my  family during those hearings. Her dedication and compassion were above and beyond what we could  have expected,but so very welcomed by us.

I have seen that same dedication and compassion at play in so many cases involving Ms. Bendorf over 
the years.Iprobably wouldn't have taken notice of these attributes if not for the groundwork of my 
own case. The original district  attorney handling the prosecution did not go to those lengths to 
familiarize himself  with the individuals or circumstances surrounding the
murder of my mother.This lack of connection highlighted the energy and dedication that I have seen 
in Ms. Bendorf.Subsequent to that case,Ihave extensive (over 20 years) advocate experience in the 
criminal court cases in three different counties with dozens of different attorneys and have not 
seen this level of knowledge and concern for the individuals involved in the cases on an frequent 

I am of the belief that this level expertise will transition to a judicial position.I feel Melanie 
is the perfect individual for the bench. She has the knowledge,experience,compassion,and the 
temperament to be an excellent  jurist. Melanie Bendorf is fair-minded and contemplative in her 
work. These attributes give her the ability to balance all sides of an issue and make good solid 
legal decisions.Ihave witnessed this first-hand.

For these and so many more reasons it is my true pleasure and honor to endorse support  Ms.
Melanie Bendorf for Judge in Yuba County.."

- Susan Williams, Daughter of Anita Allan, Homicide Victim

Retired Victim Advocate


Contact me: (530) 218-5548, melanie@votebendorf.com

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